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Think compassion belongs in the classroom? So do we. Each year our trained humane education specialists speak to thousands of high school and college students about the modern agricultural system and its impact on animals, the environment and human health. The popularity of recent films like Food, Inc. and Fast Food Nation, along with books like Jonathan Safran Foer's Eating Animals and widespread media attention to food recalls, all highlight a growing public concern about the impacts of modern animal agriculture.

Why did our food system shift so dramatically over the past 60 years? What does industrialized agriculture look like? What is the impact of our current food system on animals? What is its impact on the environment? How about on human health and nutrition? And how are consumers, businesses and legislators responding?

Our free presentations are designed to foster critical thinking and encourage students to value compassion and sustainability in their own lives. Our presentations come complete with a lecture, slideshow, video and supplementary materials. Year after year we are invited back into classrooms because our presentations engage students on an important social topic that is of interest to them. While we are happy to present in any classroom, we are most frequently requested for biology, environmental science, and health/nutrition/cooking classes, along with requests for school-wide assemblies.

To book a free presentation for your classroom or community group, please contact us at (617) 877-3589 or via our online contact form.


Sample Praise From Teachers

"Thank you again for the wonderful discussion that you brought to our class. My students, and I, learned a lot. I would love to have you revisit if your schedule allows this year...I know the other teachers of the same course were extremely interested in your message."
-Joanne Lilliendahl

"I just wanted to thank you for coming out and talking to my students. It really was a wonderful introduction to the unit on vegetarianism and got the students and myself thinking."
-Michelle Driks-Moore

"You did a fabulous job! The students were very inspired by the whole thing. I was thrilled to hear about their plans to try and educate the entire school on this issue."
-Gina Matyszczak

"I just wanted to thank you for speaking to our students. The presentation was excellent and I could tell it made an impact on many of the kids."
-Kathryn Nagy

"Thanks so much for coming, the students were really interested and they're even asking me for more information. I hope you can come back again next semester!"
-Antonio Larson


Sample Praise From Students

"The presentation was very informative to me, discussing many things I was not aware of before this class. The most shocking was that of the environmental issues. I was not aware that industrialized farming created so many issues from global warming to dead zone spots. I really feel outraged that the government hasn't put stronger regulations on these industries if they are harming animals so much as well as being the number one cause of environmental damage."

"This presentation on factory farming provided me with a totally new outlook on the way Americans interact with animals."

"I felt the presentation was one of the most eye opening and influential experiences of the class thus far. Watching the injustices being done to animals actually happen, through the videos he showed, made the issue much more real and personal."

"I use to eat whatever meat was placed in front of me without questioning it. I did not make the connection between the steak on my plate and the cow suffering in the factory farm...I think that presentation was a big eye opener."

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